Affordable Plans for Every Journey

Our pricing plans are designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of shared micromobility. Here's how our pricing options work:

1) User Charges (Unlock Fee and Per-Minute Fee):

To get started, simply pay a small unlock fee of 75 cents to access our vehicles. As you ride, you'll be charged a per-minute fee of 30 cents, which is competitive with other rental scooter services. We believe in flexibility, so we offer discounted rates for longer rental periods. Take advantage of our $10 rate for a 30-minute rental or our $25 rate for a three-hour rental. Frequent users who rent our bikes and scooters regularly will also enjoy discounted rates as a token of our appreciation.

2) Membership or Subscription Fees:

For our dedicated riders, we have a membership option that provides unlimited rides for a flat monthly fee of $80. Say goodbye to individual rentals and enjoy the convenience of unlimited access to our shared micromobility vehicles. This membership fee not only gives you cost-effective mobility but also contributes to our ongoing efforts to provide a sustainable transportation solution.

Join us at Zeero Mobility today and be part of the movement that's reshaping urban transportation. Experience the convenience, affordability, and sustainability of shared micromobility in Canada. Together, let's create a greener future for all.