Learnings from our Pilot Project in Tehran

Through our pilot project in Tehran, the startup's management team gained valuable insights and experiences that will contribute to the success of our startup in Canada. This project allowed us to assess the feasibility and viability of our electric vehicle-sharing service and understand the challenges and opportunities associated with running a shared mobility service.
During the pilot project, we tested our operations, infrastructure, and user interface in Tehran's central areas. This testing phase enabled the management team to gather feedback from users, fine-tune our service based on customer preferences and needs, and gain a deep understanding of user behaviors, preferences, and pain points. These insights have been invaluable in optimizing our operations and enhancing the user experience.
Moreover, the pilot project provided us with an opportunity to establish key partnerships and collaborations. Working with local authorities, we successfully navigated the regulatory landscape, gaining experience in dealing with permits, licenses, and compliance requirements. These experiences will serve as a foundation for our expansion into Canadian cities, as our management team will be better equipped to navigate the regulatory framework and forge strategic partnerships with local stakeholders.
Additionally, the pilot project helped us understand the technical and logistical aspects of managing a fleet of electric vehicles. We gained insights into vehicle maintenance, charging infrastructure, and operational efficiency, which are crucial factors in ensuring the seamless operation of our service. Leveraging this knowledge, our management team can establish efficient operational processes and optimize our fleet management strategies when launching in Canada.

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