Discover Our Shared Micromobility Offerings

Zeero Mobility offers a range of shared electric vehicles to meet your transportation needs. Whether you're a commuter, a tourist, or someone looking for a convenient mode of transportation, our fleet of electric mopeds, bikes, and scooters has got you covered. Experience the freedom of movement while reducing your carbon footprint with Zeero Mobility.

Cities We Serve: Zeero Mobility Across Ontario

Zeero Mobility is proud to serve several cities, providing efficient and sustainable transportation options to urban residents and visitors. Currently available in Ottawa, Windsor, Hamilton, Brampton, Oshawa, and the Waterloo Region (Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo), we are expanding our services to more cities across the country. Check if Zeero Mobility is available in your city and start enjoying the benefits of shared micromobility today.

Effortless and User-Friendly
Using Zeero Mobility is easy and convenient. Simply download our user-friendly mobile application, sign up for an account, and find available electric vehicles near you. Unlock your chosen vehicle with a tap, hop on, and start your journey. Once you reach your destination, park the vehicle in designated areas and end your ride through the app. It's that simple!
Zeero Mobility's mobile app seamlessly integrates all the essential features for a comprehensive micromobility sharing service. It offers user registration and authentication, real-time vehicle availability and booking, geolocation and mapping services, reservation management, a secure payment system, user ratings and reviews, customer support and assistance, maintenance and reporting capabilities, integration with mobile apps, and data analytics and insights. This technology ensures a user-friendly experience, convenient access to vehicles, secure transactions, and continuous improvements based on user feedback and data analysis.

How It Works?